“THE SECRETS TO BECOMING BABYWISE” - 39 Things To Do Your Child Become Smarter From Pre-birth to Early Childhood Stages

Oct 27, 2018


What do you expect from your child when you become the first time parent? Are you bringing up baby with the best health and a baby intelligence with the highest IQ?
Do you know what will do with your baby, in each period of development, to make a smarter baby and on baby wise? Or how to raise children to succeed?

Studies show that the development of children's intelligence is dependent on nutrition, genetics, and exercise, interacting in the environment.
The child's nervous system begins to form as soon as conception and develops rapidly from the eighth week of pregnancy.

At birth, baby’s brain weight reaches one-fourth of adult human brain weight; By age 1, reaching 70-75%; By age 2 reaches 80% and by age 6, baby’s brains almost reach 100% adult brain weight.
Thus, from birth to 6 years of age is an important stage in the brain development of children.

At this stage, we have access to a wealth of information that can help us train our children in the habits that will help them exceed expectations for the rest of their lives.
This book will help you do that -baby intelligence books- babywise ebook- this is a comprehensive guide to teaching all parents how to make their children on becoming babywise, the smarter developing child every day.

In this Book You Will Get: 

  •  4 ways to prepare during pregnancy to ensure that your baby is healthy and an extra boost of intelligence in the womb
  • 4 method listening to and participating with music to help your child have a higher IQ
  •  6 types of tools for different ages and how they benefit your baby
  • 3 DIY things you can make at home to help with stimulation
  •  15 great different exercises and games ways to encourage the development for you to do with your child
  •  6 Things you can do to develop your child’s talents from a young age
  • Baby potty- Early potty training and how it works

As parents, the main thing we want for our children is the best. We want them to be admired and have success in life. We often enroll them in the best schools and search for the best extracurricular activities. But we can be doing so much more and it all starts in infancy

I hope you will read this book, about baby secrets-child development books-babywise kindle and can be doing everything for your child, developing child it all starts in infancy-baby wise infant, to increase your baby's intelligence, smarter baby-babywise- in a holistic way in this the most important period of development.


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